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Yerba Mate Taragüi 1Kg


Yerba Mate Taragüi, a classic Argentinian Yerba Mate elaborada con palo (with twigs), produced by the biggest plantation in Argentina. Taragüi Con Palo is a product that everyone should give it a try. Order it today!

473 units were bought last month.

Yerba Mate Taragui Sin Palo 500g

Yerba mate Taragui Sin Palo, also know as Taragui Despalada,  is a yerba tea made with almost no sticks by the recognized and well-known plantation Las Marias. With fine cut leaves and a low amount of dust,  customer who buy Yerba Mate Taragui sin palo choose it for its intensive taste. Add to cart!

Yerba Mate Mañanita 1kg

Yerba Mate Mañanita is the newest blend from Las Marias, the biggest mate tea plantation in Argentina. Composed of big cut yerba leaves, you will enjoy of a smooth taste and long lasting mates. Give Mañanita a try by adding it to your cart! 

Yerba Mate Taragui Maracuya (Passionfruit) Tropical 500g

Yerba mate Taragui Maracuya (passionfruit) Tropical  adds the natural aroma of passion fruit and orange to the yerba mate leaves making it ideal for warm summer days. You can brew it cold as Terere or enjoy it hot as your usual yerba mate. Try now!

Yerba Mate Taragui Sabores del Mundo Set

Try Yerba mate Taragui Sabores del Mundo Set, a bundle including three exotic and tropical mate blends from Taragui. Take off your shoes, relax and enjoy these delicious summer blends!

Guayusa 100% Yerbusa


Yerbusa 100% Guayusa is high-quality sourced Ilex Guayusa, an Amazonian plant native to Ecuador. Guayusa is a natural source of energy. Try it today!

Yerba Mate Taragui 250g

Yerba Mate Taragui, a classic Argentinian Yerba Mate elaborada con palo (with twigs), produced by the biggest plantation in Argentina. Taragui Con Palo is a product that everyone should give it a try. Order it today!

Yerbusa Original | Guayusa & Mate


Combining our unique high-quality Yerba Mate with our carefully sourced Guayusa we have wisely prepared a superlative blend for our Ilex lovers. Try Yerbusa for you a complete Yerba flavor + balanced alertness experience.

Yerba Mate Taragui Loose Leaf

Yerba Mate Taragüi Loose Leaf is ideal for drinking mate in a more practical way. The blend, developed exclusively for French Press, allows you to sip mate without the need of a bombilla. A new way of enjoying your everyday mate!      

Yerba Mate Mañanita 500g

Yerba Mate Mañanita is the newest blend from Las Marias, the biggest mate tea plantation in Argentina. Composed of big cut yerba leaves, you will enjoy of a smooth taste and long lasting mates. Give Mañanita a try by adding it to your cart! 

Yerba Mate Taragui 500g

Yerba Mate Taragui, a classic Argentinian Yerba Mate elaborada con palo (with twigs), produced by the biggest plantation in Argentina. Taragui Con Palo is a product that everyone should give it a try. Order it today!

Yerba Mate Taragui Energia 500g

Yerba mate Taragui Energia is a classic Argentinian Yerba from the biggest Yerba Mate plantation in Argentina that will give you an extra boost of mateina. Keep energized all day long with this blend! Add to your cart to keep the energy going.  

Yerba Mate La Merced Campo Sur 500g

Yerba mate La Merced Campo Sur is the softest of the premium line of La Merced products.  Of excellent taste and smooth notes, it makes for an ideal product for your everyday mates! Try now! Browse our large selection of Traditional yerba mate

Despalada Yerba Mate Pack

If you like caffeine and are looking for the strongest and most stimulating yerba mate on the market, then this set was prepared just for you!

Set yerba mate Union

Try Yerba mate Union Set, a bundle including three smooth and must try mate blends from Union. Order together and save when buying this bundle.

Taragui mate cocido

Taragüi mate cocido is the most practical way of incorporating the benefits of mate into your day. Yerba mate in tea bags to drink anytime, anywhere!    

Yerba Mate Taragui Citricos del Litoral (Citrus) 500g

Yerba mate Taragui Citricos del Litoral (Citrus) adds a citrus flavor to your mate leaves making it great to drink it as a cold brew. Try it for a refreshing flavour!

Yerba Mate Taragui Naranja de Oriente (Orange) 500g

Yerba mate Taragui Naranja de Oriente adds the natural aroma of  orange to the mate leaves making it ideal for hot summer days. You can brew it as Terere or drink it hot as your usual yerba mate. Try now!

Yerba Mate Union Hierbas del Litoral 500g

Yerba mate Union Hierbas del Litoral is a fruit and herbal variation from the famous Argentine Las Marias plantation. Pleasant yerba mate without any bitterness with a tasty citrus taste. Order it today!

Yerba Mate Union Hierbas Serranas 500g

Union Hierbas Serranas, a yerba mate blend with added mint, field mint and peperin. Union Serranas has a mild and refreshing flavor and offers a unique blend of well-being and taste sensations. Must try!

Yerba Mate Union Original 500g

Yerba Mate Union Original, a smooth Argentinean Yerba Mate elaborada con palo (with twigs), produced by the worlds biggest plantation. Union Original is a product that everyone should give it a try. Order it today!

La Merced Mate Pack

La Merced Mate Pack, in this set you are getting the 6 units of the bes-sellingt yerba mate La Merced Campo Sur. Buy them together to save!

What is Yerba Mate? 

Mate tea is an energizing infusion made from yerba mate leaves (Ilex Paraguariensis). Yerba mate tea is composed of dried mate leaves and stems that are finely cut and grounded.  The yerba tea plant grows in South America, mostly in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, where it is the national beverage of these countries. An interesting fact is that Uruguay is not a producer of the yerba mate drink but they have the highest average of consumption of it per capita. 

Yerba mate is prepared by serving hot water inside a mate gourd filled with yerba leaves and drinking though a bombilla (yerba mate straw). 

Drinking yerba mate in Argentina is a cultural habit where people gather around a mate to socialize. 


 What are the health benefits of yerba mate tea? 

Drinking mate tea has numerous health benefits for your mind and body

  • Boost your energy levels and increase your mental focus: yerba mate contains caffeine, usually referred as mateine, which is known for stimulating the mind making you feel more awake and energetic. 
  • Improve physical performance: caffeine is known to reduce exhaustion, enhance muscle contractions and increase athletic performance up to 5%. As yerba tea contains caffeine its supported that people drinking it will benefit.
  • Abundant in Antioxidants and nutrients: mate drink is rich in antioxidants that help the body maintain the level of oxidants in the body. In other words, it slows the ageing process in the body, therefore considered to have “anti-aging” properties.
  • Can assist in weight loss and reduce belly fat: researchers have found that yerba mate tea decreases appetite and can aid the metabolism, assisting with weight loss. 

How to prepare yerba mate drink in a few simple steps? 

Preparing Yerba mate for the first time is very simple. Have your mate tea, mate gourd and bombilla ready and follow these instructions to make the best mate.

  • Fill your mate cup with ¾ of yerba mate leaves.
  • Cover the top of the gourd with your hand and shake it to make the dust go up. 
  • Make a “montanita” with the yerba leaves: a slope of 45 degrees. 
  • Pour some warm water (60-70 degrees) at the lowest part of the slope to soak the leaves (don’t wet all the yerba mate tea). 
  • Insert your mate straw across the slope.
  • Add hot water (75-85 degrees) and your yerba drink is ready. Drink and repeat this step until the yerba tea loses its taste.

What does Argentinian mate taste like? 

Yerba mate tea even though many times it’s considered a tea, it has a slightly different taste. Having grown in the Atlantic forests of South America, traditional mate tea has an earthy and intensive taste with bitter notes. 

However, the best thing about yerba mate is that it can be adapted to every palate. Different yerba mate plantations produce different variations of the mate tea, so you can find strong and energizing yerba mate or herbal mate tea with added mint for example. For people who prefer a sweeter taste you will find delight in the flavored yerba tea like the orange or passion fruit blends. 

Rest assured that you will find one or more yerba mate drink especially for you to buy.    

 Which are the Top yerba mate brands to purchase? 

We are ranking the top yerba mate tea that you need to try. 

  • Taragui: the most famous and recognized yerba mate brand from Argentina and probably in the world. This yerba tea plantation, Establecimiento Las Marias, in addition to the brand Taragui is responsible of producing various brands that include the premium line of yerba mate La Merced, the softer and herbal yerba tea blends Union and their new brand Mananita. 
  • Colonia Liebig: producer of the most sold Argentinian mate, Playadito, it is a must try mate tea from Argentina. This blend is famously known for its softer taste and long-lasting mates.
  • Cooperativa Montecarlo: this plantation from Argentina produces the brands Yerba Mate Aguantadora and Pampa Organica. All their yerba mate tea is manufactured under a strict quality control that assure the consumers that they are buying the best mate tea.
  • Cruz de Malta: this traditional yerba mate tea is a top-choice to drink every day. It’s well balanced flavor and intensity make it a mate drink that will suit everyone. 
  • CBSe: the number one flavored mate tea from Argentina. The company from the province of Cordoba is the leading producer of yerba tea with added ingredients. Ranked as the strongest yerba mate you will find Cbse Energia with Guarana the most suitable choice if you are looking for an extra energy boost.        
  • Canarias: the most popular yerba mate in Uruguay. Chances are that if you see an Uruguayan drinking yerba mate tea he will probably have Canarias in his mate gourd. 
  • Kraus: a yerba mate drink from agricultural farming and organic certification from Misiones, Argentina. You can buy this ecological yerba mate and be guaranteed the best quality.  

Yerba Mate in Europe

Un Mate is a yerba mate store where you can buy the best yerba tea and accessories. Order the top yerba mate tea and accessories and we deliver it to Europe and UK so you don’t have to leave your home.

In our shop you can choose from the top yerba mate tea from different brands and origins and browse from a selection of yerba mate accessories specially designed to enhance your mate experience.

As an importer of yerba mate tea from Argentina and Paraguay, we can also supply wholesale orders to all Europe and UK. 

What type of yerba mate tea should I buy? 

There are many options of yerba tea that you can order at our store. If you are looking to purchase your first mate tea, we encourage you to try the traditional blends for a classic taste. However, you might find your preference in one of the other types of mate so here is a list of everything you will find at our yerba mate store:

  • Traditional: classic yerba mate composed of dried leaves, twigs and dust. This is the most popular type of mate tea and how it's drank in South America.
  • Flavoured:in this subcategory, the yerba tea blends have added ingredients to give more flavour to your infusion. You can choose from mixtures with fruits which are very well liked by the beginners drinking yerba mate or order a more herbal blend which makes for an excellent cold mate, known as Terere.   
  • Mate Cocido: people who are on the run or that prefer a softer version of mate drink will enjoy drinking it in tea bags. Brew it as a regular tea in your cup and enjoy this alternative type of yerba mate tea.
  • Chimarrao: this is erva mate as it’s called in Brazil, where it comes from. It’s a fresher version of yerba mate tea as the leaves are not aged and they are grounded so finely that it’s almost powder. This gives this erva mate tea an intense green color and fresher taste.  

How much yerba tea can I drink from one packet? 

Depending on how often you drink yerba mate you will want to buy from the different presentations that range from 250gr to 1000gr. A mate tea serving is usually 50 grams of dry leaves which allows you to drink around 1 liter of water with it. 

As a beginner drinking mate you will want to order a 250gr packet until you find which is the type of yerba tea or brand that you most like. As this presentation is not available for all brands, you can purchase a 500gr mate tea packet instead and have more options to choose from. Once you have your favourite blend and developed your habit of drinking daily you can save money by buying 1kg packs of yerba mate.