Starter Set | Un Acero + Bombilla + Yerba Mate

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Starter Set to begin drinking Mate tea in the Traditional way.  Included in this Yerba Mate starter kit:  Mate tea, a mate cup and bombilla. Everything you need to start your journey. Save on this starter kit!

Un Acero Black

Un Acero by Un Mate is the mate cup you want for your everyday use. Elegant, with a modern look and easy to clean, this mate is definitely one you want to have in your collection. Add to cart!

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Una Bombilla | Yerba Mate Straw

Una Bombilla by Un Mate is our high end Yerba Mate straw. With a stylish look and an excellent filtration system you can enjoy most mate tea. Take it today!


Aguantadora 250g

Yerba Mate Aguantadora is a classic blend from Argentina. Its superb quality has awarded them the price as the best Argentinian mate tea during the "Caminos & Sabores" Trade Show in Buenos Aires. Add it to your cart!

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Are you shopping for a starter set? You’ve made it to the right place.  In this bundle you will find the best mate cup and bombilla that we put together with our recommended mate tea for beginners, Yerba Mate Aguantadora . These are all the necessary items to enjoy Yerba Mate in its traditional way of preparation. When buying this starter yerba mate set you will be saving over buying them separately.

What is included in this Starter set?

We specially prepared this kit that contains everything you need to be able to drink mate in the conventional way like it’s consumed in Argentina or Uruguay. When purchasing this starter kit you get the essential accessories and our bestselling yerba tea so you can feel like you would be drinking mate tea in the busy streets of Buenos Aires.

  • You will be getting Un Acero, a mate cup with double steel walls that keeps your wet yerba mate leaves warmer for longer . This important feature prevents the mate cup from burning your hand when you hold it as well as keeping the yerba mate warm while you drink it. With a modern look and appearance, it fits perfectly in your hand and you won’t want to put it down. Choose it in White, Black or Platinum.
  • Una Bombilla, a flat bombilla straw thats filters most blend of yerba mate blocking the leaves from going through. Its silhouette allows it to be used a spoon to pull out the used yerba mate tea. With 17 cm in length, this bombilla fits and look great in the Un Acero.
  • The yerba mate we chose in this starter set is Aguantadora. A product that has gain the approval of most of the people who order it and make it one of their top choices. It has won awards as the best mate tea in its category so we are confident to encourage first time Yerba Mate drinkers to give it a try. Of smooth taste, low bitterness and moderate intensity you can choose from 250g, 500g and 1000g packets to complete your starter kit.

Yerba Mate Starter Set

All products in this starter set are originals and produced in Argentina.

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Black, Platinum, White

13 reviews for Starter Set | Un Acero + Bombilla + Yerba Mate

  1. Katja P.

    My first yerba mate set! I’m loving it. Why didn’t I start drinking before?! 😀

  2. Lucas

    Great Pack! Easy to take for trips and perfect for a gift.

  3. Alessandro Pompa

  4. MVP

    Muy buen producto!

  5. MVP

    Excelente producto

  6. MVP

    Excelente producto!

  7. Francisco

    Great combination!!!

  8. Mariano

    Perfect set for beginners 🙂

  9. Marc D.

    My first set and just loved it. the straw is perfect and combines perfectly with the mate cup.

  10. Davide Santacesaria

  11. Fabian R.

  12. Lionel F.

  13. Carlos Carmo

    Super fast delivery.

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