Yerba Mate Set with Thermos and Backpack


Yerba Mate Set with thermos and backpack is everything you need  to carry your mate products wherever you go. Including in this complete mate kit is the stylish Un Mate Backpack, Un Acero, Una Bombilla and Thermos Lumilagro Luminox. That’s everything you need for a wonderful mate session. Save on this Set Matero!


Una Mochila Matera | Green

Una Mochila matera by Un Mate is the ideal Yerba Mate backpack to carry your yerba mate set everywhere you go. Take everything with you every time you leave your home. Add to cart!


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Un Acero Black

Un Acero by Un Mate is the mate cup you want for your everyday use. Elegant, with a modern look and easy to clean, this mate is definitely one you want to have in your collection. Add to cart!

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Thermos Lumilagro Luminox 1L | Black

Lumilagro Luminox is a great flask that will last a lifetime and an ideal companion as a Yerba Mate thermos. Made of double steel walls to ensure maximum temperature retention and a "pico cebador" to easily pour water to your mate ! Order today!


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Bombilla Un Mate 1.0 | Yerba Mate Straw

Bombilla Un Mate 1.0 is a stylish yerba mate straw for drinking mate in the traditional way. With a modern look and an excellent filtration system you can enjoy most mate teas. Take it today!


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A Yerba Mate Set with thermos and backpack is ideal for drinking mate with friends and family.

This mate kit includes the latest trends in backpacks, mates, bombillas, thermos on the market, a complete Yerba Mate set to drink alone or in the company of loved ones. It is perfect to take everywhere and use at any time of the day thanks to its comfort.

Enjoy your favorite infusion with the best pot equipment that we detail below.

Una Mochila Matera: the perfect place to store your matera equipment

Extraordinary backpack to carry wherever you want all the items of your mate kit. Its colors and design make the mate session a remarkable social event where a good chat with friends and family is shared for a moment.

Thanks to its different compartments you can order and distribute everything perfectly, so it will be easy to carry your Yerba Mate kit on your back. This backpack is light and does not cause any discomfort on your shoulders, since the pieces are not heavy and they are superbly organized.

It is the one indicated to take on an excursion to the mountain, or go with it to the beach. In any case, due to its material it is very resistant to cold and heat, to fresh and salt water, and to possible blows during the walk. It is time to choose the best Mate backpack on the market.

Un Acero: the ideal mate to brew your favourite yerba mate

Perfect for sharing a good brew, since thanks to its design and material, it is deep and resistant to the amount of mate tea that you can put, so it prevents it from falling.

Its design is made with materials that give you the necessary security to calmly brew your mate tea. It is made of stainless steel with a spout wide enough to mix your mate and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

This stainless steel mate cup protects it from possible shocks and the heat of the drink burning your hand. Such wrap creates a heat shield that maintains the ideal brew temperature.

Bombilla Un Mate 1.0: the needed bombilla for your daily mate

Ideal bombilla to enjoy your infusion while you have a good conversation. It is made of stainless steel so that it can adapt to different temperatures, so it is a perfect insulator of heat for our mouth and lips.

The Un Mate bombilla design allows you to sip Yerba Mate comfortably and without fear of burns. Its delicate model fits perfectly in your mouth.

This product is the best mate straw on the market thanks to its filtration system. Its small holes prevent the dust of the yerba and its leaves from entering your mouth and causing any discomfort on your palate.
It is perfect for removing used mate from your gourd.

Lumilagro Luminox: the thermos that maintains the exact temperature to enjoy a good mate

The Lumilagro Luminox is a great yerba mate thermos to maintain the water temperature during your mateada, an essential need while drinking mate. Whether it’s cold water or hot water,  it can keep the temperature up to 12 hours. In addition, you can use it in the freezer of your fridge.

Its design was made with materials resistant to extreme temperatures, so it does not dent in contact with cold or hot liquid. It has a pico cebador that allows you to pour water more efficiently helping you keep the “montañita” in your mate.

Its size allows you to store enough water to spend the afternoon drinking your infusion with your friends and family, as it holds a liter of water approximately.

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Black, Blue, Green

Bombilla Un Mate 1.0 | Yerba Mate Straw

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