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Who should buy flavoured yerba mate?

These flavoured yerba mate are ideal for people who want to try some new taste in their infusion: whether it’s a sweeter version or with a refreshing minty aftertaste. In this section you will find fruity yerba mate that brews best in the warm summer months and can also be drank cold as Terere as well as herbal yerba tea with all its benefits for mind and body. Browse this category to find the best flavors of yerba mate that you can order at our store.

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Which flavoured yerba mate to purchase?

There are plenty of options when buying flavoured yerba mate as it is a good product to choose for beginners drinking mate tea due to its smooth taste with a balanced bitterness that the fruits or herbs add. The top choices for starters are the tasty orange (naranja) and lemon (limon) gourmet blends from Yerba Mate Sinceridad. 

A more experienced drinker who wants to try something new will find joy in tasting an herbal blend with added mint like Aguantadora Compuesta con Hierbas. 

Choose from a wide selection of flavoured yerba mate tea to order.    

What are the best types of flavoured yerba mate?  

There are two main distinctions of flavors of yerba mate, the blends with added fruits, known as yerba mate saborizada, and the ones with added herbs: yerba mate compuesta.

The most popular fruits that go into the flavoured yerba mate mixture are citric fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit or passionfruit. All are excellent options to also brew your yerba mate cold with ice and juices instead of water during the summer months.

Another trendy option is yerba mate with guarana for an extra energy boost that this tropical fruit gives.

Among the flavors of yerba mate with herbs you will find blends with added green tea, chamomile, mint and other condiments that are native to South America. Depending on the type of herb in the yerba mate tea you will benefit differently. The best option to drink during the afternoon for a relaxing time.  

Best flavoured yerba mate brands

Here is a list of the most popular brands in this category.

  • CBSe: is by far the most recognized flavoured yerba mate brand from Argentina and the leader in sales. They produce more than 13 different blends so you will find something to purchase among their offer.
  • Sinceridad: our recommended brand of flavoured yerba mate. You can order their lemon or orange version to taste the best mates.
  • Taragui: the popular brand has their line of mate tea with exotic fruits like passionfruit. 
  • Pipore: buy their naranja (orange) version or Compuesta con Hierbas (with herbs) for an intensive and flavouring experience.   

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