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5 Yerba Mate Brands for Beginners that every new matero has to try.

yerba mate brands for beginners

We have written this article to help starters to choose the best Yerba Mate brands for beginners, as we know that with so many options available it can be confusing.

After reading about the health benefits of drinking yerba mate and how it helps to increase your health and energy, you have decided to start drinking mate and now its time to choose from over 130 types of Yerba Mate in our store and you don’t know where to begin.

What Yerba Mate brand for beginners should I start with?! What a dilemma! That’s exactly what this guide is made for. To help you pick up the best yerbas so that your first time drinking mate is a wonderful experience.

When it comes to Yerba Mate types for beginners, there are two main types; flavoured and traditional. Just for a start, at Un Mate, we recommend trying traditional types.

We will be focusing in our best selection for that matter; Playadito, Aguantadora, Piporé Sublime, Pampa Orgánica and Taragui.

Favourite Yerba Mate brand for beginners

In South America, where you find the most Yerba Mate drinkers, you will discover that some mate brands are by far more popular than others.

This is the case of Playadito, the number one in sales in Argentina.

In the recent years, this Yerba Mate brand has gained a lot of popularity among the younger segment of the market. Consumers have been asking for high quality mate tea with a soft taste and long lasting mate cycles. Playadito has been there to attend this needs.

Yerba Mate Playadito is a traditional Yerba Mate with gentle stimulation and smooth taste. Playadito consists of thick-cut leaves with a low amount of dust so it can be used with any type of bombillas.

The taste and scent of Playadito are mild, which makes it a very forgiving yerba tea. As a beginner it happens to everyone that we add hot water (above 85 degrees) and brew more than we should our mate making it bitter.

With Playadito you have a margin of error if this happens, so for that reason, we recommend this as a top Yerba Mate tea for beginners.

With no doubt, Playadito is one of the best selling products we offer at our store. You can find it available in 500g and 1kg packages and is even conveniently available as tea bags.

yerba mate types for beginners

Everyday Yerba Mate type for starters

Another great option of Yerba Mate types for beginners that we enjoy often is Yerba Mate Mananita. Produced by one of the most recognised yerba brands in Argentina, Establecimiento Las Marias, it has been constantly working to improve their blends and we can appreciate it with this product.

Mañanita has slightly bigger cuts of dried yerba mate leaves and reduced amount of fine leaves, sticks and dust. This allows the yerba mate to last longer while keeping a smooth and pleasant taste.

New materos will find an excellent product in this Mate tea which has been gaining track and is now one of the most desired mate teas in Argentina.

Mañanita is one of those yerbas that can be drank at any time, and everyday. A blend that you will keep coming back to without felling the need to change.

Our recommended Yerba Mate type for beginners

Now, it’s time for a special recommendation; Yerba Mate Pampa Orgánica.

This brand of Yerba is organically grown, produced without using agrochemicals, taking into account the natural development of the plant.

Yerba Mate Pampa Orgánica provides exquisite taste with a balanced amount of dust, sticks and leaves nicely cut. With a mild flavour, little bitterness, it’s perfect for beginners who are getting used to the taste of yerba mate.

Pampa Organica has one of the best looking packagings in the market. It presents itself as a great product to gift to someone you think should start to drink Yerba Mate. Its exterior looks and its awesome taste combine to make it a good choice for a present.

Let us know in the comment section if you would choose this organic yerba as one of your Yerba Mate brands for beginners.

yerba mate brands for starters

Award winning Yerba Mate brands for beginners

Yerba Mate Aguantadora is one of the most famous traditional types in the market. From Misiones, Argentina, this Yerba Mate brand has been producing some of the best products for 90 years! We find it an ideal yerba mate brand for beginners.

Same as Pipore Sublime, the classic version of Aguantadora has been decorated with the best Yerba Mate in 2016. We can trust this reward as proof that this is a product of the highest quality and taste.

Due to its treatment process, which isolates the leaves from smoke during drying and very long ageing process (up to 18 months) we get a delicious product of high quality with almost no bitterness. Aguantadora products are dried only using hot air for about 6 to 8 hours so that the product is smoke-free (sin humo).

This Argentinean Yerba is available in 250g, 500g and 1kg packages. It’s a great choice of yerba for beginners, that’s why we have chosen it for our Yerba Mate starter sets.

yerba mate types for starters

Another must try Yerba Mate brand for starters

Another one of the top five sellers in Argentina, Taragui tradicional, has earned an important place in the European market. It has been present for many years and customers buying their first yerba usually order it.

With bigger leaves and smooth taste it makes it a top Yerba Mate type for starters. 

You can drink it every day without worrying about indigestion or similar problems caused by stronger types of Yerba Mate.

Every experienced Yerba Mate drinker will recognise this brand and can assure you to be a good choice to start with. Taragui recently even improved their blend to make it softer so this will appeal better for beginners.

Available in 250g, 500g and 1kg packages yerba Taragui is available to purchase at our online shop.

Have you chosen which Yerba Mate brands for beginners you will start with?

All in all, these five brands of Yerba Mate for beginners will provide a smooth, mild taste, great for those who are starting to drink Mate regularly at work, at home, you name it. We have over 100 types of Yerba Mate available so hope with this post we can simplify your decision with these yerbas that we think are the best for starting.

Also, it is practical to have a case or tin to take your Yerba Mate everywhere since you don’t want to carry the whole package all the time. That’s why at Un Mate, we have developed Yerbera Un Mate, a 500g capacity tin with multiple colours to choose, also available in our mate store.

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