Wholesale Yerba Mate

Interested in buying Yerba Mate wholesale?

Un Mate is one of the main yerba mate importers in the European Union. For more than nine years we’ve been supplying shops and distributors with yerba mate and accessories. We are importers of yerba mate Playadito and Liebig, Pipore and Aguantadora from Argentina. From Paraguay we are representatives of Yerba Mate Ruvicha, a new brand with a wide variety of blends.

We are registered as organic importers and in our offer you can buy Pampa Organica which you will get at great wholesale prices. One of the best organic Yerba Mate from Argentina.

In our offer you find original South American accessories of the highest quality and most of them are only available from us. Our catalogue includes mate cups, bombillas, thermos and other Yerba Mate accessories.

Shipping to European Union countries directly from our warehouse in Poland so you can avoid expensive shipping costs and customs duties. Worldwide shipping is also available.

Every entrepreneur is treated individually and cooperation is based on partnership and mutual trust. We also try to help in the development of the business of each of our customers. Each offer is tailor-made to the customer’s needs. For us nothing is impossible!

Write to us at shop@un-mate.eu and discover how worthwhile it is to cooperate with Un Mate.