Verdelandia Nativa


Verdelandia Nativa is Brazilian “erva mate”, a yerba with a special fine grind and a very fresh green color, also known as chimarrao. An excellent blend for those chimarrao lovers!

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As the manufacturer informs on the packaging of Verdelandia Nativa, it is important to know the origin of the mate leaves which come from Guarapuava in Parana state.

Verdelandia Nativa is harvested in its natural habitat after the plant has grown longer, so the bitterness is to be lighter and the lightness comes from growing in shaded areas. The drought is rinsed off for a very long time and strongly stimulates.

The Premium Verdelandia Nativa line is vacuum-packed, which means that the green drought stays fresh longer before opening. After opening, we recommend that you do not keep the dried fruit open for a long time, because its color and taste will change to a slightly drier one.

Country of origin: Brazil

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