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Una Mochila matera by Un Mate is the ideal Yerba Mate backpack to carry your yerba mate set everywhere you go. Take everything with you every time you leave your home. Add to cart!


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Una Mochila Matera: the only matera you will ever need

Un Mate’s new Una Mochila Matera is a product targeted to people who take joy in drinking mate everywhere. Whether that’s at the office, school or during your trips, this yerba mate backpack now makes this all possible in a very comfortable and fashionable way.

Una Mochila Matera will comfy fit all the necessary items you need to take with you: thermos, yerbera, mate and bombilla. Additionally, it has a separate pocket with extra padding for your computer.

Una Mochila Matera by Un Mate is available in three colors to choose from: Black, Green and Blue.

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Why should I buy a yerba mate backpack?

Una Mochila Matera is our most popular yerba mate accessories which we recommend to people who want to take mate tea in their daily trips.

Below are some of the advantages of this mate backpack and why we know you will enjoy it.

  • The backpack has two inside compartments to separate the different mate accessories that you will be taking with you.

These pockets make sure that your thermos will stay upright without the risk of spilling water if it happens to be badly secured.

The same applies when packing a yerbera or an open yerba packet. All items will fit tightly and you will be sure you won’t open it to find everything everywhere. If you’ve been drinking mate for a while, you understand what we mean 😉

  • Una Mochila Matera is waterproof. No matter the conditions, take advantage of it and plan your expeditions anywhere you want, always taking your mate with you.
  • It has additional space to include other items during your journey. It will be the only backpack you will need to use, even if you don’t need to take your mate stuff at the time.

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Want to see Una Mochila Matera by Un Mate in detail? Click to see the video review of the mochila matera Un Mate.

Modern yerba mate backpack with space for your laptop computer.

If you thought that the Una Mochila Matera only allows you to carry yerba mate accessories you are in for a surprise!

This yerba mate backpack has an additional separate pocket to fit a 15’’ laptop. The padded pocket makes sure your laptop or tablet is properly protected.

An ideal product for entrepreneurs who like to work remotely and on the go without having to leave their yerba mate at home.

What are the measurements of this yerba mate bacpack?

This mate backpack has the following dimensions: 26 cm x 15 cm x 37 cm. (10,23 x 5,90 x 14,56 inches). The inside pockets can fit the regular stainless-steel thermos up to 1,4 liters.

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Where is Una Mochila Matera by Un Mate manufactured?

Una Mochila Matera has been designed and made in Argentina. Produced using good manufacturing practices in combination with many years of experience, the backpacks for yerba mate are handmade by our trusted factories.

Un Mate makes sure the quality standards are met controlling to ensure that every product is tested and approved before it is put in the market. Una Mochila Matera is not the exception, so you can trust its superbquality when you order it.

This product is an original yerba mate backpack designed with the purpose to make it the best in the market! Order today your stylish Mochila Matera!

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8 reviews for Una Mochila Matera | Green

  1. Yuta

    This bag have enough space to put all mate kit and more stuffs. There’re a lot of pockets and it’s really useful to put something especially smartphone. Compare to traditional bags, it’s more organized and fit to urban style!

  2. Siegfried W.

    It looks very handy and comfortable to carry, well made, but the price is quite high, to high.

  3. Thibault

    It’s great! I bought the black version which looks really good. It has a lot of space, very handy.

  4. Juan J.

  5. Eduardo A.

    Perfect selection. I can easily place my 15” laptop and carry it on. All mate items are comfortably placed and carried on too.

  6. Rodrigo

    Súper amplia, espacio para el kit de mate y mucho más!

  7. Gabor G.

    Excellent! My 36.6cm×25.1cm notebook can easily fit into it, which is very positive.


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