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Una Bombilla by Un Mate is our high end Yerba Mate straw. With a stylish look and an excellent filtration system you can enjoy most mate tea. Take it today!


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Una Bombilla is a Yerba Mate straw made of stainless steel 18/8. It’s a 17 cm (6,7 inches) bombilla that fits perfect in the Un Mate gourds and most mates. With a great filtration system you will be enjoying your mates dust-free!

Why should I buy the Una Bombilla by Un Mate?

The Una bombilla straw is a stainless steel bombilla designed to fit all mates, especially the Un Mate ones. With a stylish and modern flat design, it is slightly curved for the ideal position to enter your mouth so you can sip mate in a comfortable posture.

This high quality product ensures excellent filtration. Its filter will allow you to drink the top yerba mate blends without blocking your straw nor allowing dust and leaves to go through. The shape of the Una Bombilla is very practical to allow you to remove the used mate tea from your gourd by using it as a spoon.

This mate straw has been designed in Argentina by Un Mate following good manufacture practices combined with many years of experience with these type of products. The tip of the Una Bombilla has the Un Mate registered logo so you can be confident of its superior quality when you order it. Order today your original Una Bombilla!

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30 reviews for Una Bombilla | Yerba Mate Straw

  1. Andreas L.

    Works fine with most yerba mate I tried.

  2. Alessandro Pompa

    Very high quality

  3. Anaïs L.

    She is damaged…

  4. John Brandson

    Best bombilla i’ve tried. Super easy to clean!

  5. Ariel

    ‘Flat’ Bombillas are great, and the logo touch is very nice. Very high quality!

  6. Joël De Kegel

  7. Miguel Angel Tomassone

  8. DMITRY B.

  9. Davide Santacesaria

  10. Elvijs

  11. Fabian R.

    Bonita y de buena calidad. El agua pasa muy bien.

  12. Eduardo A.

    It is good, though its price is kind of high.

  13. Maria Florencia D’Aleo

  14. Jonas

    Good bombilla. The flat profile makes it more comfortable to drink from than the traditionnal round straws. It rarely gets clogged and no leaf matter gets through (but I didn’t try it with fine cut yerba).

  15. Massimo

    Very beautiful

  16. Anonymous

  17. Anonymous

  18. DMITRY

  19. Anonymous

  20. Greg

    I got this straw for my Buenos Airian boyfriend and he loves it! They gave a sachet of yerba which was very nice

  21. Monica

  22. Anonymous

  23. Anonymous

    The bombilla uses slits cut to the sides – good design.

  24. Fabio Bernardis

  25. Anonymous

  26. Lionel F.

  27. Anonymous

  28. Carlos Carmo

    Super fast delivery.

  29. Marco

  30. Alice

    Very beautiful and very handy bombilla. I use it for drinking leaf mate and it is absolutely ideal for that. The flat shape suits me more than the classic one. I didn’t try it for dust mate.

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