Un Mate Gourd 150-300 ml

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Un Mate gourd is a beautifully crafted mate cup made out of a calabash. Handmade in Argentina by local artisans, this unique mate gourd is covered in real leather. Order it for a traditional mate cup!

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Un Mate gourd is handmade in Argentina by local artisans who have been crafting mate gourds for many years. As this product  is made from a carved pumpkin, or calabaza, each piece will be unique. The volume of this gourd comes in different variations (from 150 ml to 300 ml) so everyone can find something for themselves.

This mate insulates heat well and does not burn your hands when you use, it is very stable and extremely comfortable and pleasant to use.

Even though calabash mates requiere a prior process before you can drink from them (Curado), the waiting is worth it. A properly cured Un Mate gourd will keep the flavour in your mate and make it last longer. This is the main reason why mate gourds are the most popular and desired ones in Argentina and Uruguay. These kind of mate gourds are the traditional types which past and new generations choose to use for their daily mate time.

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