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Un Acero by Un Mate is the mate cup you want for your everyday use. Elegant, with a modern look and easy to clean, this mate is definitely one you want to have in your collection. Add to cart!

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Un Acero by Un Mate is a steel mate cup for drinking Yerba Mate. It has a double layer of inox steel that helps keep the water temperature inside your gourd, whether you are drinking hot mate tea or cold Terere. Available in 3 color variations: White, Platinum and Black.

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Which are the main benefits of the Un Acero mate cup?

The Un Acero is our best selling product and the one we highly recommend to people wanting to start their journey with Yerba Mate.  Here are some of the reasons why we believe you will be more than satisfied with this product.

  • This mate cup will last a lifetime. Forget about dropping it on the floor and having to replace it. If you drink mate for a long time you will discover that dropping your mate happens all the time! As  this mate is made of steel you won’t have to worry about buying a new one every time this occurs.
  • Ready to go as soon as you receive it. No need to do the Curado like with calabash gourds plus avoid getting mould in your gourd if you forget to remove the Yerba Mate overnight (another thing, we as long time materos tend to do).
  • A shape that blends into your hand. Its design not only looks great in your hand but also allows it to feel right in your grip. When holding the Un Acero you will discover it has found its place in this world.
  • Ideal size. The Un Acero has a volume of 160 ml which translates into fitting 30-40 grams of dry Yerba Mate. We have found this to be the perfect amount for your regular mate consumption. Its size allows you to modify the quantity you add into your mate cup for those days when you want to drink more or less mate without having your bombilla loose (in bigger mate gourds, when adding less mate tea your bombilla will move freely. This doesn’t happen with this mate).
  •  Un Acero has insulation properties to keep the temperature for longer. With two walls of inox steel, the wet mate leaves will stay warmer for an extended period of time. Ideal for when you take a little break while drinking and then come back to it. You won’t be coming back to a cold mate and forced to prepare a new one.

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Is Un Acero original from Argentina?

The Un Acero mate has been designed and made in Argentina. Produced following good manufacturing practices in combination with years of experience in these type of products, this original mate cup will be the only one you will need.  Un Acero has the Un Mate logo so you can be confident of its upper -level quality when you purchase it. This item is the most popular product sold by Un Mate. Order today your original Un Acero!

Measures: 6,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 7,5 cm

Volume: 160 ml

Made in Argentina.

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21 reviews for Un Acero Black

  1. Andreas L.

    Finally I have my un mate . Tried to buy it in Argentina some time ago but they didn’t ship to Europe . Very happy with my purchase!

  2. Alessandro Pompa

  3. Anaïs L.

  4. Joël De Kegel

  5. Anonymous

  6. Ricardo Sousa

    5* deal! Really good people and kind! Thank you for the gift together with the order! I’ll keep your service in mind, much appreciated! Cheers!

  7. Davide Santacesaria

  8. Fabian R.

    Bonito mate. Mantiene el agua/la yerba bien caliente por un buen rato. Tiene un tamaño para tomar mate solo, el volumen es de 125/130 ml para más o menos 20 gramos de yerba.

  9. Eduardo A.

    It is quite good, though for the price better ones can be found in the market.

  10. Maria Florencia D’Aleo

  11. Massimo

    Exactly how I expected, fantastly

  12. Anonymous

  13. Anonymous

  14. Anonymous

  15. Monica

  16. Anonymous

  17. Anonymous

  18. Fabio Bernardis


    Great stuff

  20. Lionel F.

  21. Carlos Carmo

    Super fast delivery.

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