Un Acero + Bombilla – Yerba Mate Set

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Yerba Mate Set to start drinking Yerba Mate in the Traditional way with a mate and bombilla.

The set includes Un Acero mate cup and Una Bombilla. Everything you need to get into Yerba Mate and learn how to prepare it like in Argentina.

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Un Acero is an inox steel gourd that has a double steel layer that works as insulation. This prevents the gourd from burning when grabbing it as well as keep the yerba mate warm while you drink it.

Una Bombilla is a Flat inox steel bombilla for drinking Yerba Mate that will filter most types of Yerba Mate blends without letting the dust go through. It’s 17 cm in length.

Measures of Un Acero Black is  6,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 7,5 cm

Both products are made in Argentina.


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