Tyga compuesta con Moringa


Yerba mate Tyga Compuesta con Moringa is an Argentinean product that was hard to find on our market. An unique blend that combines Moringa, an exotic superfood very rich in nutrients, with our beloved yerba mate. Try this mate for a nutritious boost!

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Yerba mate Tyga compuesta con Moringa is a mixture of mate leaves with 1.8% Moringa (Moringa Oleifera). This blend was created in cooperation with Maestros de la Escuela del Estudio de la Intuición (EDEI) (School of learning intuition and values). The school and the brand were created thanks to Carlos Conti.

Tyga is a yerba, which we tested together with other new products, but the package of this yerba somehow eluded us and only after getting to know it better, we noticed, for example, a quote from Hippocrates” Que tu alimento sea tu medicina “- Let food be thy medicine. Here, of course, comes we are associated with yerba, but also with Moringa, which is an addition to this mixture, and it is a plant known for its valuable values, numerous antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamins C, E. Rich in fiber and beta carotene. mate is slightly acidic, with an interesting bitterness, which is not repulsive, but strongly stands out.It is a well-arranged proposal, you can feel the taste of the additive here, but also a bit of yerba freshness and classics associated with herbal yerbas.

Country of origin: Argentina
Composition: Paraguay Holly – leaves and sticks, moringa oleifera (Moringa Oleifera)

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