Sol y Lluvia Barbacua


Yerba mate Sol y Lluvia Barbacua is an interesting novelty in our store, coming from the Misiones region in Argentina. A pleasant mate to drink and always wanting to come back for more. Try it!

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Yerba mate Sol y Lluvia barbacua is a new product in our store.

A small niche brand, dating back to1917, when Don Nicolas Pawluk founded his small Yerba Mate plantation. Since 1960, the company has been using the old Barbacua system for the production of Sol y Lluvia, in the same way as the Indians used to dry their crops.

Sol y Lluvia translates to  “sun and rain”. This is how the mate smells after opening the package, a bit earthy, like on a hot summer day, but also we get the freshness as after rain. The taste is slightly more complex, from slightly fresh notes to tasty smoky accents along with a light wood-like feel.

Sol y lluvia barbacoa is aged for a minimum of 12 months.

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