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Yerba mate Selecta Terere Menta Fogo is a very unusual novelty. For many of our customers who drink yerba mate longer, the Selecta brand is associated with characteristic strong Paraguayan products. This time we will surprise you with a novelty in our store. Yerba Mate Selecta produced in Brazil with a completely separate production process and flavor.

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Selecta Terere Menta Fogo in the Brazilian edition, is mainly a version dedicated to drinking cold, as terere, of course, nothing prevents you from using yerbe for classic pouring with warm water, but it is worth using the drought for refreshing terere.

Menta Fogo can be translated as mint fire. It can be said that the producer was right, the mint hit is solid, the yerba is fresh and green, thanks to which we have little bitterness and a lot of fresh yerba flavor and a mint top-up. We strongly recommend it for tests in the form of terere, it will refresh you on the hottest days of summer.

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  1. Niccolò

    I really like to enjoy the terere in this early summer, first impression: a good mint scent.

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