Ruvicha Silvestre

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Yerba Mate Ruvicha Silvestre comes from selected wild yerba mate leaves growing in the Atlantic forests of the Alto Parana region in Paraguay. It is characterised for its strong energy boost.

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Yerba mate Ruvicha Silvestre is harvested as ecological farming, this yerba mate blend has an earthy aroma that will transport you to Tropical South America.

With a long-lasting taste and subtle intensity, Ruvicha Silvestre is our recommended yerba mate for beginners from the Ruvicha family.

You can prepare this yerba mate as a hot beverage or even drink it cold, commonly known as Terere.

Country of origin: Paraguay
 100% yerba mate – leaves and sticks

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2 reviews for Ruvicha Silvestre


  2. Salvador Scippe

    I am a regular of this
    ” Yerba Mate Ruvicha Rustica ”
    A 10/10 for a mate
    fast and very serious.

    Thank you

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