Yerba Mate Union Hierbas del Litoral 500g


Yerba mate Union Hierbas del Litoral is a fruit and herbal variation from the famous Argentine Las Marias plantation. Pleasant yerba mate without any bitterness with a tasty citrus taste. Order it today!

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Yerba Mate Unión Hierbas del Litoral  500 g.

Balance, smoothness and good yield with a refreshing taste of citric and herbs.

What is the taste of Union Hierbas Litoral?

Pleasant yerba mate Union Litoral (Citrus) with a small dose of yerba bitterness, seasoned with herbs such as:

  • lemon verbena
  • pepper mint
  • marcela herb
  • carqueja herb
  • orange, mandarin and grapefruit aromas, including natural and nature identical.

Union Hierbas del Litoral is very well blended and will appeal not only to beginner yerba mate fans, but also to more advanced ones. Especially as a springboard from the classic yerba.

Type: flavoured yerba mate

Ingredients: 100% yerba mate with sticks

Country of origin: Argentina

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yerba mate union hierbas del litoralYerba Mate Union Hierbas del Litoral 500g

Availability: In stock

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