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Matera Un Mate is the best Yerba Mate matera to carry your mate set everywhere you go. Pack everything you need and enjoy Yerba Mate every time you leave your home. Available in 4 colors!!


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Un Mate has launched a new product aimed for demanding customers who put value on outdoor adventures and always want to enjoy these experiences sipping some yerba mate. Matera Un Mate now makes this all possible in a comfortable and stylish way.

This Yerba Mate matera, also known as matera mate, will comfortably fit all the necessary items you need to carry: thermos, yerbera, mate cup and bombilla.

The Matera Un Mate comes in four colors to choose from: Grey, Black, Brown and Camouflage.

Why should I buy a Matera Un Mate?

The Matera Un Mate is one of our most popular products and one we highly recommend to people who wantto take yerba mate in their daily journeys.

Below are some of the advantages of this matera and why we know you will be more than satisfied with it.

  • The Un Mate Matera has two inside pockets to separate the different mate accessories that you will be carrying with you.

These pockets ensure that your thermos will stay upright without risking spilling water if it happens to be badly closed.

The same applies when carrying a yerbera or an open yerba mate packet. Everything will fit tightly and you will be sure you won’t open your matera bag to find everything everywhere. If you’ve been drinking mate for some time, you know what we mean 😉

  • The matera is waterproof. Take advantage of it and plan your adventures anywhere you want, always with your mate close to you.
  • The straps of the matera Un Mate are adjustable. Adapt it to your body and fit preferences.
  • Choose from two ways of using it: as a matera bag or adjust the straps to use it as a backpack. Whichever is your choice, it’s very easy to change it from one to the other.
  • The matera has additional space to include other items during your journey. It will be the only bag you will need to use.

Want to see the Matera Un Mate in detail? Click to see the video review of this matera.

What are the measurements of the yerba mate matera?

This matera bag has the following dimensions: 25 cm x 11 cm x 39 cm. (9,84 x 4,33 x 15,35 inches). The inside pockets can fit the usual stainless-steel thermos up to 1,4 liters.

Where is the Matera Un Mate produced?

The Matera Un Mate has been designed and produced in Argentina. Manufactured following good manufacturing practices in combination with years of experience in this type of products, the materas for yerba mate are handmade by our trusted factories.

Un Mate holds strict quality standards and controls to ensure that every product is tested and approved before its available to commercialize. The Matera Un Mate is not the exception, so you can be confident of its upper -level quality when you purchase it.

This item is a very demanded products sold by Un Mate. Order today your original Matera Un Mate!

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Matera Un Mate CamouflageMatera Un Mate | Camo

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