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In this section you will find the best classic yerba mate you can purchase at our shop. We have selected various types of traditional yerba mate for you to choose from yerba mate con palo (with stems), despalada (no stems) or seleccion especial (made from the best crops). Order from the top traditional yerba mate brands from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and discover everything this amazing infusion has to offer.

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Why should I order traditional yerba mate?

If you are looking to order classic yerba mate, you can’t miss on trying the traditional version of it. It is the top choice for Argentinians and Uruguayans, and if they drink it daily be assured you will be satisfied. We have various Traditional yerba mate brands, all with no added ingredients so you get to enjoy the best natural flavour, available to order at our store.  

Which are the best yerba mate traditional tea brands to buy?

We prepared a list of the top traditional yerba mate you can order at our store:

  • Aguantadora: a great option to purchase as this mate tea has won awards for the best classic yerba mate in Argentina. 
  • Playadito: is the most popular classic yerba mate in Argentina and an ideal product for beginners who want to try this infusion.
  • Rosamonte: a well know brand from Misiones which is characterized for making strong and bitter mate. 
  • Pipore: they have various presentations of classic yerba mate with Pipore Sublime as an absolute bestseller among our customers.
  • Ruvicha: a new brand of yerba mate in Europe worth trying. Produced in Paraguay, Ruvicha, makes ideal products to drink cold traditional yerba mate. 
  • Anna Park: a limited production of organic yerba mate which is desired by most yerba mate connoisseurs.

What are the different types of original yerba mate?

Before you buy your first mate you should know that classic yerba mate has two main versions. The most popular is “elaborada con palo”, a yerba mate blend composed of dried leaves, twigs and dust. You can order it in its premium version as well, made from the best leaves in the crop, labelled as “seleccion especial”.  

The alternative type is referred as yerba mate “sin palo” or “despalada”, meaning that the blend has almost no twigs. This makes for a less bitter flavour of original yerba mate.  If you are unsure which one to purchase feel free to drop us a message.

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