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In this section you will find the best thermos for yerba mate that you can purchase in Europe. We have selected the top yerba mate thermos flask made of high-quality materials and durability that will give you the most important feature a thermos has to have: keeping the temperature for an extended period of time. Order today and start drinking Yerba Mate at your desired temperature.

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Materials and functionality of the flasks for yerba mate.

The chosen yerba mate flasks in this category are among the best ones due to its indestructible construction. Made from a double layer inox steel to insulate the temperature with a textured grip to prevent it from slipping from your hand, these thermos for yerba mate will last a lifetime. 

Use it with any type of infusion or beverage of your choice and take advantage of the useful lid that can serve as a cup whenever you need it.

Which is the best thermos for yerba mate?

You can find many yerba mate thermos but some of the best ones out there are produced by these three companies: Lumilagro, Termolar and Stanley.

  • Lumilagro: from Argentina, they have been producing thermos for mate for  more than 80 years. Their flasks are characterised for their “pico cebador”  which allows for easy pouring water into your gourd.
  • Termolar: produced in Brazil they have a wide variety of thermos. Among their best-selling product you will find R-Evolution. The thermos chosen by many football players like Messi and Griezmann.
  • Stanley: an American company founded in 1913 they have one of the most desired mate thermos. Characterised for its indestructible construction and keeping the temperatures for long periods, their products are highly demanded.

Which is the capacity (in liters) of the thermos for yerba mate? 

The usual capacity of these yerba mate thermos flask is one liter. We have found that this is the ideal capacity a thermos has to have to enjoy yerba mate, where a usual serving of mate tea allows you to drink this volume of water before losing the flavour. Even though you can buy yerba mate thermos of bigger volumes, 1 liter is the best balance for using it at home and outdoors.  

How many hours does the yerba mate thermos flask keep the water warm?

The yerba mate flask you will be able to order in this category can keep the temperature up to 24 hours. They can keep warm beverages as well as cold beverages. 

In order to maximize the number of hours the flasks can maintain the temperature, there are some good tips to achieve it, like warming up the thermos before adding the liquids into it. Making sure you keep the top and lid well secured will also help to extend it.

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