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Order a yerba backpack to comfortably transport your mate equipment

Shop the best yerba carry cases, known as materas, designed to fit all your yerba mate and accessories securely in one bag without spilling so you can pack and take them with you. Take it to the next level and order the stylish yerba carry bag, yerba mate backpack, which also fits your laptop. The best solution to to always have your yerba mate near wherever you go.   

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Why should I purchase a yerba mate backpack?

If you are a yerba mate enthusiast you will want to drink it every chance you have. The yerba mate backpack gives you the possibility to take your mate with you and enjoy it everywhere.

Produced in Argentina, this carry case for yerba mate, was designed to blend your passion for mate with your daily lifestyle. It is a yerba backpack that can be used for school or office with a convenient separate compartment for your mate tea and accessories so you can pack all your important stuff for the day

The main pocket for your mate gear secures it so you can forget of spilling your yerba tea or hot water inside your bag. Everything fits upright and if you are not carrying it with you, these pockets fold so you have extra storage space.  

The construction and materials used for this yerba mate backpack are water-proof and insulated making it the best companion for long hikes and other outdoor activities.

Yerba backpack or matera. Which one to choose?

If you are planning to buy a yerba mate backpack or a yerba mate matera you should know they have some differences. A yerba carry case as the name suggests it, is a matera. Its top purpose is to conveniently fit your yerba mate, mate cup, bombilla and thermos to transport them on your day trips to the beach, park or anywhere you plan on drinking mate. 

A yerba mate backpack is a backpack that has special pockets inside to securely fit your mate equipment. Even if you are not planning on carrying your yerba mate, this yerba carry bag can be used daily as a regular knapsack as it has two main compartments to also carry your laptop. 

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