Playadito Hierbas (Herbs) 500g


Yerba Mate Playadito Hierbas (Herbs)  adds to the blend herbs such as sage, field lemon verbena, peppermint and chamomile making it an extremely calming and tasty proposition. Buy today!


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Liebig Original

Yerba Mate Liebig from the northern region of Corrientes is the Premium product of Cooperativa Liebig, also producer of the Playadito brand. Try this product for a smooth taste and long lasting mates! 

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What are the ingredients in Yerba Mate Playadito with Herbs?

Yerba mate Playadito Hierbas is a blend of loose leaf yerba mixed with some very interesting herbs. In this infusion you can find lemon verbena, which has digestive properties,  Sage, for calming hunger, and Chamomile, known for its relaxing effect in the mind and body. To top it up, Playadito Hierbas has Peppermint for a fragrant minty taste that when combined with the citric flavours of the lemon verbena make this Yerba Mate tea a unique proposal.

Did you know that the producer of Playadito Herbs was founded in 1926?

Cooperativa Colonia Liebig is the producer of Playadito Hierbas and has been producing mate tea for over 90 years, which proves its experience as a mate producer . From Northern Corrientes they prepare their products that can be enjoyed worldwide. As a Cooperative, many farmers from this region contribute their harvest so that Yerba Mate Playadito with Herbs can be processed supporting the local communities.

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