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Yerba mate Playadito Despalada, also known as Playadito sin palo (no twigs) is the second most popular product of this brand. Customers who buy Playadito despalada choose it for a more intensive taste in their mate and energizing effect. Order today this recommended product.

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What is the taste of yerba mate Playadito Despalada?

Playadito Despalada often referred to as playadito sin palo, contains little dust, nice leaves and a maximum of 5% of twigs. It has a slight bitterness that pleasantly melts in your mouth. The essence of flavor that comes after pouring this yerba in combination with a very good stimulation, is something that will be appreciated by everybody who tries it. People who already know the brand should be encouraged to try this version.  

Do you know what’s the image in the packaging of Playadito sin palo?  

The image in the packaging of Playadito despalada is of the province of Corrientes, in Argentina. This is where the company has its plantations and produces this product. A curious fact is that the red color of yerba mate playadito despalada’s packaging resembles the color of the soil in this region.  

Ingredients: 95% yerba mate leaves (ilex paraguariensis) and 5% twigs.

Country of origin: Argentina

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