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Yerba mate Pipore Sobornal, a limited edition of Pipore that you must try. Made from yerba mate leaves collected from tropical bushes, not cultivated, making it fully natural, Pipore Sobornal comes packed in a fine linen bag. A great product to gift to a matero friend!

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Yerba Mate Pipore Sobornal: a mate for collectors!

Yerba Mate Pipore Sobornal is more than the most classic brew and taste of this brand. This product contains the best dried yerba mate leaves harvested in the Misiones region.

Pipore Sobornal is an “elaborada con palo” blend, especially recommended to fans of pure yerba without additives. It is a good position for all those who want to enter the world of yerba mate and are not afraid of its natural, intense flavor. In our private ranking, we rate this yerba as well balanced. The right amount of sticks and dust with medium-sized leaves makes us eagerly reach for Pipore Sorbonal Elaborada.

Yerba Mate Pipore Sobornal is hand-packed in a linen bag – perfect for gifting!

Country of origin: Argentina

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