Yerba Mate Pipore Seleccion Especial


Yerba mate Pipore Seleccion Especial is a selection of the best yerba mate leaves to create a more intensive blend that you will love for its energizing effect! Why not add it to your shopping cart?

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Yerba mate Pipore Especial: selection of the best loose leaves

Pipore seleccion especial is a traditional Argentine yerba mate that comes from the city of Santo Pipo, in the province of Misiones. It differs from other brands in that it is collected from wild growing bushes. Pipore Seleccion Especial has a strong taste and distinct aroma.

Yerba mate Pipore Seleccion Especial is a richer version – its leaves go through a special selection process. Grown in Argentina in the Misiones area, known for the largest yerba mate plantations in the world. Seleccion Especial is based on the selection of the best and the tastiest leaves from the wild-growing shrubs of Argentina.

Yerba mate Pipore Especial, in a completely different version than the classic elaborada con palo. This selection of the best loose leaves guarantees – as the manufacturer claims – a better taste of the infusion. In the taste of the discussed mate, we will not find too much bitterness or smoky aftertaste, which we know from other brands.

Prepared in the right way, Pipore Especial  will be a good choice not only for die-hard fans, but also for beginner explorers of new mate flavours.

Composition: 100% Yerba mate leaves and sticks.

Country of origin: Argentina

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