Pipore Naranja (Orange) 500g


Yerba mate Pipore Naranja is a blend that has been enriched with natural aroma of orange, which makes it an extremely refreshing and tasty in your mouth.  Guaranteed power and taste!

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Pipore Despalada

Yerba mate Pipore Despalada (sin palo) has smaller leaves than the usual blends, contains little dust and almost no twigs! This creates a more intensive flavor and experience. Add it to your cart!

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Yerba Mate Pipore Naranja is an Argentinian yerba mate grown in the province of Misiones. The Orange version is a yerba enriched with the natural aroma of orange, which makes this blend extremely refreshing and tasty.

Pipore Naranja, unlike its sister version without additives, does not have too much noticeable bitterness, it is masked by the addition of orange aroma, which makes it perfect for beginners.

It contains sticks and a small amount of dust, and the loose leaves itself is roughly cut. This composition is perfect for warm, but, importantly, it can also be used for cold drinking as terere. The perceptible taste of oranges will appeal to many fans of yerba with additives.

Yerba mate Pipore Naranja is aged 18 months before packing.

Composition: Yerba mate with sticks, natural aroma of orange.

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