Pipore Despalada


Yerba mate Pipore Despalada (sin palo) has smaller leaves than the usual blends, contains little dust and almost no twigs! This creates a more intensive flavor and experience. Add it to your cart!

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Pipore Despalada: a mate that will energise you throughout your day!

Are you looking for a good stimulation? You’ve come to the right place! Yerba Mate Pipore Despalada is pure mate power with a minimum number of sticks and a small amount of dust. We recommend it to fans of classic yerba flavors and to those who seek an extra caffeine kick, the so-called yerbo-power!

Yerba Mate Pipore Sin palo

If you are looking for a boosting yerba mate, read on. Pipore Despalada owes a good stimulation to the minimum number of sticks, thanks to which we are dealing with the power of clean mate leaves. More leaves equals more caffeine.

The characteristic good taste of yerba harvested from wild shrubs is what attracts people who need additional stimulation for the whole day of work.

Pipore sin palo can be drank easily with most types of bombillas as it is mostly leaves without much dust nor sticks.

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    La yerba Piporé es siempre deliciosa!

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