Parana Chimarrao


Yerba Mate Parana Chimarrao, which comes from the state of Parana in Brazil, is an interesting and unique product, incl. by the way of processing, and thus the end result in the form of very, very, very ground dried material with sticks.

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The hermetically packed dried fruit resembles a bit of vegetable and grassy notes in the smell, it is also intensely green, which looks nice in matero, but also translates into taste. Well, as well as the color, the reception of this erva mate resembles grassy, mild, but at the same time clear. Not reminiscent of the mate leaves from other countries, although we can find a bit of bitterness and sweetness here.

A big plus is packing in the size of 0.5 kg, so we can quickly use our erva mate before it starts to change the taste, which after opening it changes with with a darker and less grassy color of yerba, I rinse for a long time and stimulate well.

Country of origin: Brazil
Composition: Paraguay Holly – leaves and sticks.

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