Pampa BCP (low dust) 500g


Yerba Mate Pampa BCP (low dust) is a delicious novelty! One of the finest  mate teas that you can buy in Europe. Our recommended mate for anyone who is looking to order a premium product that won’t disappoint.


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Yerba Mate Pampa BCP is yerba mate tea grown in a balanced way respecting the natural growth of the plant. It is seasoned for a few months until the quality control lab approves the blend is ready to be enjoyed in its prime moment. This product comes with a double package: a cardboard box and a reinforced paper bag inside it. Pampa BCP is produced with respect for the environment and work of the employees of the plantation. It provides exquisite taste sensations and its one product you will love from the first sip. It contains bigger cut leaves, with a dust amount under 10%. This makes it a pleasant Argentinian yerba mate without strong bitterness.

Yerba Mate Pampa BCP is produced using GMP (Good manufacture practices).

Country of origin : Argentina
Composition : loose leaf yerba (ilex paraguensis)

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