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Wooden gourds covered in metal

Just rinse and it's ready to use. Do not spread with butter or oil - the aroma of butter "kills" the Palo Santo aroma and is not 100% effective against cracks. If the vessel is forged, even if the wood breaks, nothing will happen (that's why we pay extra for the fitting). You should also not abuse boiling water because it "pulls out" the resin quickly.

Wooden gourds not covered in metal

Just rinse and it's ready to use. Before use and then prophylactically, you can occasionally brush the dish with oil (or e.g. coconut oil) to protect the material from cracking, although this is not 100% effective.


Pour water to the gourd and put aside for several hours before use. Then gently scrape out fruit residue with a spoon (the spit on the bottom does not move!). Repeat if necessary. When the fruit has been cleaned inside it is ready for use. Matero can be scalded from time to time without leaving Yerba inside for more than a day. It should be remembered during use that the gourds tend to "sweat" and this is a natural phenomenon (such as cold glass with a drink), therefore we recommend placing the gourds on special pads.


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