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Mate Cup and Bombilla Set to start drinking Mate tea in the Traditional way. This mate set includes Un Acero mate cup and Bombilla Un Mate 1.0. Everything you need to get into yerba mate and learn how to prepare it like in South America. Save on this mate cup and bombilla kit!

Un Acero Black

Un Acero by Un Mate is the mate cup you want for your everyday use. Elegant, with a modern look and easy to clean, this mate is definitely one you want to have in your collection. Add to cart!

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Bombilla Un Mate 1.0 | Yerba Mate Straw

Bombilla Un Mate 1.0 is a stylish yerba mate straw for drinking mate in the traditional way. With a modern look and an excellent filtration system you can enjoy most mate teas. Take it today!


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Are you looking to buy a mate cup and bombilla set? You’ve come to the right place.  In this kit you will find the most popular Un Mate products that we put together in a bundle to make it easier for you. These are the necessary accessories to enjoy Yerba Mate in its original method. When ordering this mate cup and bombilla kit you will be saving on your order by buying them together.

Mate Cup and Bombilla Set Un Mate

What is included in this mate cup and bombilla kit?

We have prepared this bundle that includes everything you need to be able to sip mate in the conventional way like it’s consumed in South America. When ordering this mate cup and bombilla set you get the essential accessories that allow you to feel like you would be drinking mate in the busy streets of Buenos Aires.

Un Acero is a steel mate cup with a double steel layer that works as insulation. This feature prevents it from burning your hand when grabbing it as well as keep the yerba mate warm while you drink it. With its stylish look and shape that fits perfectly in your hand, you won’t want to put this mate cup down. Available in three different colours to choose from: Black, White and Platinum.


mate and bombilla set

Bombilla Un Mate 1.0 is a 16 cm flat inox steel bombilla straw for Yerba Mate that will filter most types of Yerba Mate blends without letting the dust go through. Its shape also allows it to be used a spoon to remove the used mate tea. A great companion in this mate cup and bombilla set, as both products fit and look great together.

Measures of Un Acero Black are  6,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 7,5 cm

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Black, Platinum, White

Bombilla Un Mate 1.0 | Yerba Mate Straw

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