Mate Cocido

Why buy mate cocido?

Mate cocido tea, also known as cha mate or cocido, is yerba mate in tea bags. This mate tea is a very popular infusion in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay which people choose for its practicality to prepare it and cheap price. With only having to brew it like a regular tea, cosido will be the best option for those who prefer a simple way of drinking mate or look for a mellower taste. Browse all types of mate cocido you can order at our store in this category.

Showing all 2 results

Showing all 2 results

Who should order mate cocido?

People who purchase this presentation of mate tea are the ones enjoy the taste of mate but not necessarily want to brew it in the traditional way through a bombilla. As its mate tea in teabags, it is a very convenient product to take with you to the office, school or anywhere you can think of without having to carry all your yerba mate equipment.

Cosido, or Cha Mate as it’s known in Brazil, makes also for the best way to taste yerba mate for the first time. It has a less intensive flavour and caffeine content and in South America people drink it since childhood. It can be drank cold as well as mate helado or terere.

Which mate cocido brand should I buy?

In our store you can purchase the following types of mate cocido which we have selected for being the top-quality products in this category:

  • Aguantadora mate cocido: produced in Argentina by Cooperativa Montecarlo plantation. This mate tea is made under strict quality control to assure the best savour.
  • Playadito mate cocido: harvested in the province of Corrientes, Argentina, this cosido by Cooperativa Liebig is produced by one of the biggest plantations of the country.