Lumilagro Tropical


Lumilagro Tropical: a thermos made especially for fans of cold brewed yerba mate, or Terere. Termo Lumilagro Tropical has a capacity of 2 litres, enough to share a cold Terere with your friends!

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Lumilagro Tropical: a thermos for Terere

Lumilagro Tropical, apart from a large capacity, also has an isothermal casing made of plastic insulated with polyurethane foam, which allows to achieve a high level of thermos protection and better maintenance of the cold water temperature.

The Tropical thermos has a convenient carrying handle and a special pouring spout (pico cebador) for pouring water, which makes it very easy to direct the stream.

This termo has a wide refill opening, which makes it very easy to add large amounts of ice or fruit into it, depending on your preferences.

The Tropical model is the perfect companion for outdoor trips and sipping yerba mate together!

Capacity: 2l
Material: Plastic
Handle: yes
Termo Lumilagro Tropical is made in Argentina


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