Welcome to Un Mate Premium

Un Mate Premium is our loyalty program for customers like you who come back to us for more unique accessories and energizing yerba mate.

We offer our loyal customers a discount, thanks to which you can Shop and Save on your favourite Yerba Mate!

Returning customers benefit from three levels of discounts. The discounts are based on the sum of all your orders.

Total Spent between all ordersDiscount with Un Mate Premium
1005 %
30010 %
50015 %

Create an account during your first order and start saving on next orders!

Once you login to your account, if you have reached the minimum amount needed, you will see the updated prices in the store. In your account dashboard you will also see all your past orders and see at what level of discount you are now.

What’s more, Un Mate Premium works with sale products, coupons or special discounts! Joining now it’s a no brainer.

Click below to join today and start enjoying yerba mate at the best prices!