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Yerba Mate Liebig from the northern region of Corrientes is the Premium product of Cooperativa Liebig, also producer of the Playadito brand. Try this product for a smooth taste and long lasting mates! 

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Producer Cooperativa Agricola de la Colonia Liebig has over 90 years of tradition of producing yerba mate. Liebig Original is a seasoned product of approx. 18 months, recommended to advanced and beginners fans of Yerba mate. Liebig was created on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the company.

Liebig Original is a slightly thicker yerba mate with a small amount of sticks and dust. The brew, which arises from this yerba, seems at times naturally sweet and also slightly smoky, in a very pleasant way, which can also appeal to beginners, because it is a light yerba mate.

Country of origin: Argentina
: 100% yerba mate leaves and sticks

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