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Yerba Mate Kraus Pure Leaf is a product you need to order if you prefer your blend without stems (sin palo). This certified organic product is made from ecological farming so you can trust you are getting the best quality. Add it to your shopping cart.

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Yerba Mate Kraus Pure Leaf is an organic mate tea dried with hot air only (sin humo) and is less bitter than products dried with smoke. It contains medium cut leaves, no sticks (sin palo) nor dust. An excellent combination that you should try!

Who should buy Kraus Pure Leaf mate tea?

Yerba Mate Kraus Pure Leaf is a new product from the well respected plantation Kraus. The mate leaves are dried only with hot air, opposing to the traditional ways of drying with fire, which is why it is so delicate without an aftertaste (sin humo) compared to other brands. Customer looking for a light mate tea with a moderate intensity will find pleasure in Kraus Pure Leaf.

The taste of this product, which can sometimes feel different to other yerbas, is due to the hot air treatment used to dry the mate leaves. The taste of this infusion becomes less harsh without the perceived smokiness that first time mate drinkers are not usually used to. We suggest Yerba Mate Kraus Pure Leaf to beginners because of its pleasant taste, as well as to any person who is willing to try one of the best bio mate from Argentina. Organic farming, appealing taste,  and hot air drying are the big advantages of the Kraus line of products.

Which are the certifications of Yerba Mate Kraus Pure Leaf?

Kraus Pure Leaf on top of being a top choice of bio mate tea is a product that has various certificates that are worth mentioning. Among their certificates you will find:

  • Fair For Life (Fair Trade)
  • USDA Organic
  • Bio Siegiel (German certificate of organic farming)
  • European organic food certificate

If this is not enough proof, Yerba Mate Kraus Pure Leaf goes through a very strict plantation and production process to guarantee its supreme quality. Kraus Pure Leaf guarantees the absence of pesticides and herbicides during cultivation and aids to a sustainable economy, including fair human resources for their employees. It all adds up to this delicious Yerba Mate, which is free of twigs and dust, giving us a pleasant infusion, smooth bitterness and no smoky taste thanks to air drying. This is one of those products that are perfect for the beginning of your adventure.

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