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Yerba mate Kraus Pionero is an excellent product to get you into drinking Yerba Mate. Of classical taste, this blend is produced under ecological farming and dried without the use of smoke. Try it today!

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Yerba Mate Kraus Pionero comes from an organic plantation straight from Argentina. It is unique thanks to the method of natural cultivation and the drying process of the leaves that make this product smoke-free (sin humo). Kraus Pionero is a delicate mate  tea in the elaborada version, a mixture of loose leaf yerba and sticks. This classic item is a good choice if you want a yerba mate tea dried in a smokeless technology, assuring you a product without a smoky taste. The technology used to dry the leaves (sin humo) allows you to notice a slightly different taste to what you might be used to. Kraus Pionero can appeal to a beginner yerba mate fan who wants to try a traditional yerba without pesticides and no intense bitterness.

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