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Yerba Mate Kraus Gourmet is the latest product from this producer. An organic Yerba Mate made of the highest quality ingredients gives Kraus Gourmet an excellent taste with a smooth bitter taste. A must-have product to add to your cart.

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What makes Kraus Gourmet a top-quality Yerba Mate tea?

Yerba mate Kraus Gourmet is a novelty in the Kraus line of Yerba Mate. This time the producer offers a new and interesting premium organic product that is marketed for people looking for the best quality Yerba Mate tea. Of limited production, this is a product intended to be sold at small boutiques and wine stores targeted to the most demanding customers.  Kraus Gourmet, like other products of this brand, is often selected by our customers due to its balanced taste without smoky notes. The blend is nicely cut, containing sticks and a small amount of yerba dust.

To obtain the interesting and sophisticated taste of Kraus Gourmet, the producer does not use smoke (sin humo) to dry the mate leaves, so we do not get the smoky flavours familiar to more experienced materos. It makes for a very good choice for people who don’t know which Yerba Mate to order for their first time as this product is as good as it gets. However, someone who drinks regularly will get to appreciate why Yerba Mate Kraus Gourmet is considered a fine mate tea.

With a charming solid double packaging it will also be an ideal gift choice.

Yerba Mate Kraus Gourmet is available in 500g.

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2 reviews for Kraus Gourmet 500g

  1. LUCA Valoppi

  2. Fabian R.

    Bastante intenso y amargo. Tiene un sabor fresco a la planta/hoja. Ventaja: Sin humo (elaborado por un sistema único de secado con flujo de aire caliente).

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