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Yerba Mate Isondu Tradicional, a new mate blend that we recommend you to try. Seasoned for up to 24 months, this mate tea has been dried using a hot air system (sin humo) giving it a nice taste with added bitterness. Check it out!

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Isondu Barbacua

Yerba Mate Isondu Barbacua, a new blend that we recommend you to try. Seasoned for 24 months, Isondu Barbacua has been dried using the Barbacua system giving it an intense smoked taste. Add to your cart one of our most popular yerbas!

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Yerba mate Isondu Tradicional is another very interesting proposition from the producer ISONDU S.R.L from Argentina.

Yerba Mate Isondu Tradicional does not have an organic certificate, but the producer makes every effort already at the production stage to care for the environment guaranteeing a product of the highest quality. We can see their attention to the environmental protection with its biodegradable packaging.

The basis for such an interesting and complex taste is not only the mate leaves itself, but also the natural seasoning, which lasts up to 24 months. The product does not cause acidity and is dried in a belt with hot air. This contributes to the differences in taste compared to their barbacua version. We have a more subdued bitterness here, less smoky flavors and a slight acidity. The whole thing is yerb-sweet, but not very much.  Fragrant and essential it has nicely cut leaves and sticks and less dust. We recommend this product to test it, and also as a good and proven gift for a yerba mate fan.

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