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Yerba Mate Isondu Barbacua, a new blend that we recommend you to try. Seasoned for 24 months, Isondu Barbacua has been dried using the Barbacua system giving it an intense smoked taste. Add to your cart one of our most popular yerbas!

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Yerba mate Isondu Barbacua is a unique product not only on the European market, but also in Argentina. This is due to several factors, not only for its interesting taste. Isondu is one of the new gourmet yerba mate companies in Argentina, you can call their products  as craft.

From the very beginning we get the impression that we are dealing with an organic product, although this yerba does not have such a certificate. The manufacturer makes every effort to ensure that the product is created with respect for the environment and with the idea of ​​fair trade. The packaging of Isondu Barbacua is biodegradable and well-designed.

Yerba Mate Isondu barbacua has been seasoned for 18 to 24 months, giving the infusion a rich flavor, pleasant taste, without twisting bitterness.

This small company founded by European immigrants in Argentina’s largest yerba mate region (Misiones) has many giants to beat, doing it in the best possible way with less production but of the highest quality.

Apart from its long seasoning, the drying system called Barbacua also has a great influence on the taste. It is a process used by the Indians years ago. It uses the heat and smoke generated by burning wood, and the yerba leaves are thus dried for many hours. Isondu treats this system more modernly, obtaining heat and aroma from burning wood, but without the use of smoke from combustion. Finally, we get a rich aroma and long mate cycle. If you haven’t tried Isondu Barbacua, you are missing out on one of the best-selling products we have in our store!

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10 reviews for Isondu Barbacua

  1. Miguel Machalski

    It’s very hard to find this excellent yerba mate brand outside Argentina, so I’m grateful for that! And everything went according to schedule with no glitches or delays.

  2. Volpi G.

  3. Ruben C.

    Excelente producto, para mí es una de las mejores yerbas. El pedido llegó perfectamente embalado. Gran servicio

  4. Miguel Machalski

  5. Miguel Machalski

    I discovered this organic brand in a recent trip to Argentina and was delighted to find it was available in Europe (something I didn’t expect). Not only this, but the entire delivery process and communication with Un Mate was excellent!

  6. Anonymous

  7. Miguel Machalski

    I’ve become addicted to this particular brand since I discovered it in my last trip to Buenos Aires!

  8. Anonymous

  9. Elena Andretta

  10. Pavel Kormakov

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