Havanna dulce de leche

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Anyone who has tried Dulce de leche Havanna can confirm that this irresistible caramel is just too good to put down. Caramel Havanna gives you a sweet sensation that will blend in your mouth and the best thing is that you can combine it with many foods and it will always be delicious. Order it today.

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Havanna dulce de leche is a heavenly snack that you can buy online at our store. Also known as caramel Havanna or manjar, it is available to order in two presentations: 250 and 450 grams. Dulce de leche Havanna is one of the top products from Argentina and one you should definitely buy if you have a sweet tooth.

How to enjoy best your Havanna dulce de leche caramel?

If you are asking yourself how Havanna dulce de leche is eaten, any Argentinian will tell you that it combines with everything! The most popular use for Havanna caramel is in confectionery and pastry products like cakes, croissants (or medialunas) and alfajores. As a sweet treat, add it to pancakes or prepare the popular Argentinian dessert flan con dulce de leche Havanna. It pairs greatly with Yerba Mate, a contrast of flavours.

Buy Havanna dulce de leche and eat it all day long.  It combines great with other typical breakfast foods like toast and fruits, banana with dulce de leche is the top option here. Or even eat it by the spoon as a heavenly snack! You decide how you want to eat it!

Did you know that Havanna caramel is one of the most sold products from the brand?

The company was founded in 1947 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Time ago when you asked yourself where to buy Havanna dulce de leche your best chance was to get it at the duty-free store at the airport or at a delicatessen shop. Today Havanna’s products are sold worldwide and available online to purchase at Un Mate.

Thanks to the company’s plans to expand the sales of their premium products worldwide, Havanna dulce de leche caramel is a best-seller in Europe among the people who know the brand for its excellence in top quality and gourmet taste in all the products they make. What are you waiting to order your Havanna dulce de leche?

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