Havanna Alfajores 70% Cacao Puro 4 pcs


Anyone who has ever eaten Havanna Alfajores Cacao Puro can confirm that these irresistible alfajores are just too tasty to eat just one.  Sweet food lovers will discover heaven with these dulce de leche filled alfajores covered in 70% of Pure Cacao!  Irresistible!

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Are Havanna Alfajores 70% Cacao Puro good? We say yes!

Havanna Alfajores 70% Cacao Puro, tastiness direct from Argentina! Alfajores are shortbread cookies layered with dulce de leche covered with fine dark chocolate. These delicious alfajores come in various types and are passionately eaten by Argentineans, most often with yerba mate but not only.

Alfajor Havanna Cacao Puro is a great snack to have anytime you crave something sweet.

Havanna Alfajor Cacao puro

Havanna alfajores Cacao Puro: new alfajor from Havanna

The 70% Cacao Puro alfajores were created by Havanna, a company founded in 1948. They are the new line of alfajores which uses the finest dark cacao to cover these irresistible alfajores. If you thought that their alfajores couldn’t get any better, you will be in for a surprise. 

Time ago when you asked yourself where to buy Havanna alfajores your best chance was to have someone in Argentina bring them to you. Today Havanna’s line of products are sold globally and available to order at Un Mate.


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