Flor de Lis Barbacua


Yerba Mate Flor de Lis from Argentina. Flor de Lis is a nicely cut loos yerba mate, containing some dust and visible sticks. It also offers a very good caffeine boost. This is one of those niche propositions worth getting to try.

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The manufacturer used the old drying method in this yerba – barbacua, with the use of heat and smoke from wood, in a slightly improved and modern edition. The company’s recipe dates back to 1887.

The very packaging of Flor de Lis catches the eye, and probably even more attracts the content, which, surprisingly, despite its Argentinean roots, is much more pronounced than many yerbas from Argentina. There are slightly bitterly astringent notes, with a woody flavor and aroma. You can also feel a bit of plant sweetness here, with bitterness in the mouth. This is a distinctive yerba worth testing in person.

Country of origin: Argentina

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