Fidel compuesta con Moringa


Fidel compuesta con Moringa is another Argentine yerba mate from a less known company from the Misiones area, namely the town of Eldorado. Fidel Moringa is a combination of Moringa Oleifera herb known as moringa oleifera. This supplement is often called the tree of life, it can also be found in health food stores as a superfood. This plant is credited with having a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as being rich in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

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Fidel Moringa is mainly dried consisting of nicely cut leaves and sticks (96%), which is naturally seasoned for 18 months. The remaining 4% is the addition of moringa oleifera. Such a mixture offers a pleasant, quite light taste of yerba with a noticeable addition, as well as natural stimulation that pleasantly mobilizes to action The maximum recommended consumption of Moringa Oleifera is 5 grams per day, which translates into 125 grams of Fidel.

Country of origin: Argentina
Composition: Paraguay Holly – leaves and sticks, moringa oleifera (Moringa Oleifera)

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