Indulge in the rich tradition of Yerba Mate with our affordable range of Economic Bombillas. Designed for the budget-conscious Yerba Mate enthusiast, our Economic Bombillas balance cost-effectiveness with the functionality and style needed for an authentic Yerba Mate experience.

Crafted for durability and practicality, each of our Economic Bombillas ensures a smooth, leaf-free sip, enhancing your enjoyment of this unique South American brew. Despite their affordable price, these bombillas do not compromise on quality, offering you a reliable tool for your Yerba Mate rituals.

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Bombilla Pico de Loro Pala

Bombilla Pico de Loro Pala is a mate straw to drink yerba mate tea. The Pala model will work well for small and medium-sized mate cups, and the spoon filter with multiple holes ensures that the mate leaves are properly filtered, even finely ground.

Yerba mate bamboo bombilla

Original price was: €10,99.Current price is: €5,99.
Bamboo bombilla straws are the perfect way to enjoy yerba mate. These eco-friendly and sustainable straws are made from bamboo, and have a built-in filter that allows you to enjoy your yerba mate tea without any bits or leaves.

Yerba mate bombilla Hexagonal

Original price was: €10,99.Current price is: €6,99.
A Hexagonal bombilla is a yerba mate straw to drink yerba mate tea. This filter straw helps to prevent the mate leaves from getting into your mouth. With a removable filter, this bombilla is great for beginners.

Yerba mate bombilla with double filter

Original price was: €10,99.Current price is: €6,99.
Double filter bombillas are yerba mate straws to enjoy yerba mate. The double filter helps to prevent the mate leaves from getting into your mouth.
Our Economic Bombillas are perfect for Yerba Mate lovers at every stage. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the tradition, our selection includes various designs to suit every taste and budget. Discover our online store to explore the comprehensive range of Economic Bombillas. Use SEO-effective keywords such as 'Affordable Bombillas', 'Economic Yerba Mate Bombillas', 'Budget-friendly Bombillas', 'Value for Money Yerba Mate Bombillas' to find our most cost-effective selections. With our secure and efficient shipping, your chosen Economic Bombilla is just a few clicks away. Experience the delightful flavors and age-old traditions of Yerba Mate with our Economic Bombillas. Let these affordable essentials elevate your Yerba Mate rituals, and transport you to the heart of South American tea culture with each sip.