Dulce de Leche

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If you know Argentinians, you will know that an important part of the Argentinian food is dulce de leche which can be eaten round the clock and in any occasion. Available at our store you can buy dulce de leche for an irresistible treat. Treat yourself for a tasty dulce de leche which you can purchase in this category.

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What is dulce de leche?

Dulce de leche is a heavenly snack that most South Americans enjoy and can’t live without. Also known as caramel or manjar, it is a sweet creamy spread made from milk and sugar. If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely enjoy spreading dulce de leche on any food you can imagine or even eating it by the spoon.

Dulce de leche in Argentina

If you are asking yourself how dulce de leche is eaten, any Argentinian will confirm that it combines with everything!

The most popular use for dulce de leche is in confectionery and pastry products like medialunas, cakes and alfajores. Add it to pancakes or prepare the typical Argentinian dessert flan with dulce de leche. 

Dulce de leche can be eaten all day long. It combines with other traditional breakfast foods like toast and fruits, banana spread with dulce de leche is another great option here. And of course, dulce de leche eaten while drinking mate makes for a great bitter-sweet combination!

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