Don Bosco


Yerba mate Don Bosco is one of the less known yerba mate that is worth discovering. A fine combination of bitterness and strong flavours this blend will appeal those materos looking for a unique taste!

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Don Bosco is a very pleasant composition when it comes to flavor. From the very beginning, we will feel a light bitterness here. Sometimes there may be low acidic but pleasant notes and a strong flavor of wood and hay. It slightly pulls the palate and shows some smoky notes, but they are not overwhelming. This is one of the more complex proposals that should appear in many shopping carts of our yerba mate store.

Don Bosco yerba mate takes its name and logo from the founder of the Congregation of Salesians, Juan Don Bosco. This Yerba is created thanks to the” Pascual Gentilini Institute “founded by the Salesians in 1927. It can also be an interesting and unique gift for a yerba mate fan.

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