Despalada Mate Pack

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Despalada Mate Pack: a sin palo mate pack including 3 of the best Yerba Mate Despalada in the market: Pipore Despalada + Aguantadora Despalada + Playadito Despalada. Buy this despalada bundle and save!



Playadito Despalada

Yerba mate Playadito Despalada, also known as Playadito sin palo (no twigs) is the second most popular product of this brand. Customers who buy Playadito despalada choose it for a more intensive taste in their mate and energizing effect. Order today this recommended product.

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Pipore Despalada

Yerba mate Pipore Despalada (sin palo) has smaller leaves than the usual blends, contains little dust and almost no twigs! This creates a more intensive flavor and experience. Add it to your cart!

 4,00 each

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Aguantadora Despalada 500g

Yerba Mate Aguantadora Despalada is a strongly stimulating blend, containing much less stems than the Elaborada version. In addition to stimulating, it offers a pleasant taste, so it will also work well among beginners. Order today!

 3,60 each

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