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Yerba mate Cuatro Caminos Organica is a novelty on the European market. You can feel it when sniffing the leaves, it smells fresh, and the whole product is created in a small cooperative. The taste also brings fresh associations, with little bitterness, slightly grassy and very pleasant without smoky notes. Everything was packed in a cardboard box, and then a paper package, easy to recycle.

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Cuatro Caminos is an Organic product certified by OIA Organico Certificado and Organico Argentina. The product comes from Misiones, the central point of yerba mate production in Argentina. Apart from the organic product we are now describing, the company also produces conventional yerba without certificates. The company itself has been operating for over 60 years, offering delicious and high-quality yerba mate. Yerba mate Cuatro Caminos Organica has been produced since 2004, when the first certification was obtained. As from 2008, this yerba mate tea is dried with hot air thanks to a new belt dryer.

Country of origin: Argentina

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