Cruz de Malta

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Yerba Mate Cruz de Malta has a great taste that beginners and experienced mate tea drinkers will enjoy. This version, also known as Cruz de Malta elaborada Con Palo, has a classic flavour and ranks among the most well-known brands from Argentina. Are you ready to order it? 

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If you are looking for an everyday yerba mate blend, Cruz de Malta is the ideal choice for you. The bigger cut leaves, low concentration of sticks and dust, mean that the intensity of this product is well balanced. You get a tasty, stimulating yerba mate that keeps the flavor for longer. It is great for those long studying evenings or deadlines were you need to focus for extended periods of time.

Cruz de Malta is produced in Argentina by Molinos and is one of the oldest Argentinean brands. The selection of the best raw yerba mate leaves and production processes make it a very popular brand in Argentina and Worldwide.

Country of origin: Argentina
Ingredients: 100% Yerba Mate with sticks

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